Enphase Microinverters are designed for residential and commercial grid-tied solar applications. Each microinverter attaches to the racking beneath the solar module and performs DC to AC power conversion on a per-module basis.


  • Maximum energy production
  • Resilient to dust, debris and shading
  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis
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Communications Gateway

The Enphase Microinverter continuously monitors itself and the
performance of its associated PV module. This data is communicated over the existing power line to the Enphase Envoy communications gateway.
Enphase Envoy may be plugged into any AC wall socket and connected using a standard ethernet cable to a broadband router, making it a true plug-and-play communications solution. Data collected by Enphase Envoy is then transmitted to the Enphase Enlighten website for monitoring and analysis.
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TSM-PA05 Panel

Currently the most popular panel produced by Trina Solar.
Versatile and adaptable, with power output ranging from
220 to 240Wp, the TSM-PA05 panel is perfect for large-scale
installations, particularly ground-mounted and commercial
rooftop systems. Using reliable and carefully selected
components that are tested at the Trina Solar Center of
Excellence, this panel comes with a 25-year performance
guarantee of 80% power production.


  • High performance under low light conditions¬†(Cloudy days, mornings and evenings)
  • Guaranteed power output (0~+3%)
  • Independently certi?ed by international¬†certi?cation body*
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